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How can I make "Visual Studio Code (GCC ARM)" available in online compiler?

The tutorial at https://os.mbed.com/docs/v5.9/tutorials/visual-studio-code.html includes a step for selecting an export toolchain of "Visual Studio Code (GCC ARM)" with an accompanying image. No such option is available in my compiler. And the tip "For most targets, you can also export to IAR or ARMCC." is not particularly helpful as there is no clear way to know which targets might or might not be included in "most."

Please advise as to how to make "Visual Studio Code (GCC ARM)" an option on the export toolchain dropdown for the online compiler.

I should have noted in my initial question that I am trying to export to a "Multitech mdot." Choosing this option limits the available "export toolchain" options to three. When troubleshooting a little further, though, I noticed that different "export targets" can use many more export toolchains(ie, L-tek FF 1705 has more than 15). So maybe a better (and additional) question to ask is: how can I add "Visual Studio Code (GCC ARM)" to the options available for exporting to a Multitech Mdot target?

posted by John Greene 25 Sep 2018

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Hi John,

The script that determines whether a target is available to be exported to VS Code is available here: https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-os/blob/master/tools/export/exporters.py#L279

I'm looking into how you can manually update the Mbed OS files to force the mdot to be recognized as a supported target.

- Jenny, team Mbed

Thanks for the feedback, Jenny. I actually found a workaround by creating an Mdot repository using the NUCLEO-F411RE as a target. I exported it and was able to successfully compile it offline using the Mbed-CLI. Now I have a bunch of questions about using VS Code for debugging (which was my initial objective). I will post a new question about the debugging, though.

Thanks again for your help.

posted by John Greene 04 Oct 2018