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Online compiler export to GCC_Make catch 22

Trying to export microbit project

Export to GCC_Make fails since there is no linker script, but you aren't allowed to add files to your project with a .ld extension, so how do I export my project to GCC_Make

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5 months ago.

Hi Andy,

We suspect that you might be trying to export a project that is based on the Micro::bit library from Lancaster. If that's the case, the project is only supported by the Arm Compiler (also used by the Online Compiler) and you are getting a poorly worded error as was reported here:

There is an open issue related to building the library with gcc, but it hasn't gained any traction:

We did take a standard project targeted for the Micro::bit and were able to export it to gcc make, but we suspect you are using the Lancaster library.

If you need to take your project off-line, you can get the Arm Compiler through Keil's Microcontroller Development Kit (MDK) or Arm's Development Studio 5 (DS-5). MDK will be the cheaper alternative and also better aligned with Mbed for debugging.

Regards, Ralph

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