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Dot examples compile error


I just tried to compile the ota and auto-ota examples in the latest Dot-Examples commit. It was successful when I use update_ota_config_name_phrase() function, however, when I changed to update_ota_config_id_key() function and commented the other one, every time I got this error"Error: Undefined symbol update_ota_config_id_key(unsigned char*, unsigned char*, unsigned char, bool, unsigned char) (referred from /build/examples/src/auto_ota_example.XDOT_L151CC.o)."

It was very very very frustrating! You even haven't started to do some real coding but just changed a line a code that should definitely work, however, you couldn't even find a clue that why it is not! Please help to solve it.

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MultiTech's official mbed team.

The reason is, the function declaration update_ota_config_id_key() in xdot_util.h is not consistent with the one in xdot_util.cpp.

posted by Yu LiU 13 Sep 2018

Hello Yu,

A fix has just been pushed for the issue you have observed. Sorry for the inconvenience.


posted by Evan Hosseini 13 Sep 2018
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