5 years, 9 months ago.

LoRaWAN-demo-72-bootcamp no longer works with TTN

Could anyone please comment on this? There are comments in the TTN forum from others and we all seem to have a problem where the NUCLEO/sx1272 mbed shield combo no longer works with this demo. No traffic seen at the gateway and no join with OTAA, no activity seen with ABP. The same hardware does work with the CubeMX example. LoRaWAN-demo-72-bootcamp on this hardware did work for me back in February. Thanks!

Bump! - is there anyone out there? - thanks in advance!

posted by Nic Burkinshaw 20 Sep 2018

I just exported the LoraWAN-demo-72 from the online compiler (as Make GCC_ARM) and ran the Makefile in a linux environment with the current version of arm-none-eabi toolchain - it works!

posted by Nic Burkinshaw 26 Sep 2018
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