5 years, 10 months ago.

I have problems with my usb stick

Hello all, I have a question. My program works with a nxp LPC1768 and with the USB MSD tools. I used a Usb Stick to store data every second 4096 bytes. Sometime it lost data. I used the

  • USB Mass Storage device file system
  • Copyrigh (c) 2010, Igor Skochinsky
  • based on SDFileStorage
  • Copyright (c) 2008-2009, sford. with the "FatFs - FAT file system module include file R0.09 ". What happends: I write a number so each sample, the data are ok e.g -> 43200 , then a gap , then start by 60000 and then a other gap, then the number is e.g 50000 and so on, 50000- 10000000. This number I have read on the file then I stops the writing and read the data with a other program(matlab). It is possible that the FAT library or the MSD library makes this errors ?


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