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mbed compliant platform for Texas Instruments Tiva C TM4C123G

Hi there,

I am pretty new and wondering if I may work with Tiva C TM4C123g board on mbed OS. I couldn't find directly defined platform but as I know there may be another compliant platform for this.

Is there anyone who can help on this issue?



1 Answer

2 years, 2 months ago.

Hi Erdinc,

Unfortunately there aren't any Mbed compatible boards for the Tiva C TM4C123. The list of Mbed-enabled platforms is here and you'll note that none are from TI:

We note that you are reviving some old community threads in your search and if you go back a bit further you will see that one member started the port and the work is published on GitHub:

That project looks like a good starting point. If you want to continue the effort or start from scratch, we have updated our porting guide and it's available here:

-Ralph, Team Mbed