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Offline IDE Mbed

I developed (adapted) a free IDE especially for the Mbed (currently Beta version). This IDE can generate a Mbed OS5 project. This IDE can also import a 'Make GCC ARM' from the online compiler. Someone is interested?

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That is great. If you post the link here, you might get some traction on people using it. What are the license terms for its distribution? My hope is that it is similar to the rest of the Mbed source and tools.

Thank you for the update, Earl, team Mbed

posted by Earl Manning 10 Sep 2018

The IDE is online (https://taraniside.sourceforge.io). It is based on Codeblocks V16.01. This version compiled for windows has been renamed TaranisIDE. It is a Beta version. It remains to finalize the debug (works, but to validate) The adaptation of the sources will be published a little later (to clean), except the module of conversion of "Makefile" towards TaranisIDE project. This module is an executable independent executed from the IDE, and sources will not be available.

Laurent Oster

posted by ML Technology 14 Sep 2018
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