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USB FS Device CDC Class

Hi, I'm a newby with STM32 development, both at hardware and software level. I'm using a STM32F446RE Nucleo-64 board and I've already run some simple test code (GPIO and USART) using STMCubeMX + TrueSTUDIO. I would like to know something more about USB, so I configured the board with STMCubeMX: HSE enabled (crystal oscillator), USB FS Device Only, CDC class in middleware, clock generation is ok, 48 MHz on USB. I also checked the board revision (sticker on the PCB) and it has HSE connected to 8 MhZ external crystal oscillator, so clock source shall be there. The problem is that when I run the code I don't see any Virtual Com Port come up in windows. I just see the Virtual Com Port associated to the ST LINK. I'm confused: with ST LINK 2.1 is it possible to create an additional VCP or not? If so, where I'm doing a mistake? Thanks in advance.

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