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how to disable the servo control port


servo works, but at the moment of pause-servo starts to twitch and rattle if you remove the power from the control pin-it helps. But I just pull the wire out of the pin. how do you programmatically disable the control pin?

сервопривод работает, но в момент паузы - сервопривод начинает дергаться и дребезжать если снять питание с управляющего пина - это помогает. Но я просто выдергиваю провод из пина. а как программно отключить управляющий пин?

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Hi Sergei,

I suggest that you don't do that since servo need constant power to maintain its arm position. The most common cause for servo jitter is because digital servo draws current from the power supply (the receiver and ESC or BEC) in very short but high current pulses. So the average current is low, but the peak current is high. These high current pulses upset the smooth supply voltage and cause interference that upsets the other servos. Especially servos that do not have good filtering already built in.

So you need to install something like ferrite bead so that the circular core adds inductance to the lead and filters out some of the interference. Some interference still gets through, but if it is small enough that it does not upset servos etc.

Better filters are possible and advisable on larger, expensive or more dangerous models. But a filter core is small, cheap, simple to fit, and usually works well enough.

I always add a extra filter capacitor to the 5V power directly at the receiver for some extra safety margin.

You can use this youtube video for more reference https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEp4VT6NL6o

Please let me know if you have any questions!

- Peter, team Mbed

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