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Serial Communication using MBED OS


I am using the board GAPUINO that uses GAP8 processor. Based on the documentation of the GAP8, mbed os is supported and can be used. So I downloaded the SDK from greenwaves (company who created the GAP8). In the SDK, there is MBED OS with some examples. So, I tried serial communication with a sensor using UART and I succeeded to send and receive data using BAUD 115200. My problem is when I try to print Data (using printf()) in order to see what I am receiving. If I call printf while reading on serial, I don't received all the data anymore. I cant find the link between serial communication and printf. Do someone know the reason of this problem? Thanks in advance.

Regards, Antony

Hello, I have just started using the Gapuino and now I am trying to use a uart module to send data but I am not even sure if I have the correct pins connected . Could you walk me through the process you went to connect the device and set it up.

Regards, Panagiotis

posted by Panagiotis Nomikos 10 Jun 2019

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Hi Antony,

Since the GAPUINO is a RISC-V architecture, it is not supported in our Mbed OS repo. Therefore, you will need to either look at GreenWaves website here: https://greenwaves-technologies.com/manuals/BUILD/MBED-OS/html/index.html or post your question here: https://github.com/GreenWaves-Technologies/gap_sdk.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

- Peter, team Mbed

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