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private program space limit

I'm a program junkie, saving any/all that interests me. Then I try to P&M them (plagiarize&modify) trying to learn programming.

Sometimes I rename what I've done to a new name, other times I forget.

Other than a screen dump of my program file listing and the main.cpp files that I print out, I have no way of backing them up to a thumb drive.

Is there a way to save them if/when I hit the size limit, or in case the mbed server crashes?

I think I'm slowly making progress. The new application board surely made the learning process go faster. The demos on the board are GREAT.

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10 years, 10 months ago.

You can do right mouse button on any program, export. Then either export it to an offline toolchain, or to a zip file where you will just have your mbed code files.

However I really wouldn't worry too much about it. I don't think there is any size limit, simply because the code you can reasonably write takes so little space there is no way they would ever run out of space, it is just plain text. It depends a bit on how long one line of code generally is for you, but 40 bytes per line seems to be reasonable. With the current cost of storage space that means you can store over 0.5 billion lines of code for 1 euro (without compression, but somehow I doubt anyone would bother to compress that).

Also even if mbed crashes, you can assume they have backups. Still you are right it can't hurt to have local backups of them, so just use export to zip for that.

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