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RTC Alarm sample code for NUCLEO STM32F104RE

Is there any sample code for alarm setting or perform task like buzzer playing, etc. ?

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1 year ago.

If you enable tickless mode in Mbed OS 5.9, and then call Thread::wait it will put the device to sleep automatically and wake it up when it needs to; no need to set RTC alarm yourself.

If you really want the RTC Alarm, see (but note that if you don't put the MCU in standby mode it'll wake up every millisecond for SysTicks).

But this not what I want. I want an RTC interrupt every day at 12:00 AM [like alarm ]and play some buzzer along with. Is it possible with rtc-wakeup? I have been using multiple ticker in program.!!!

posted by sandeep rai 17 Jul 2018

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