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Setting FFChan settings in ffconf.h from mbed configuration files

Hi All,

I'm currently porting a project from mBed 2 (classic) to mBed 5 (mbedOS).

We are running a threaded application I underwent a small amount of work in the project to get ffChaN using its reentrancy feature This basically involved writing some C function wrappers around Mutexes and changing some defines in the ffconf.h header. The exact define is FF_FS_REENTRANT.

We did this all inside the mbed library by directly changing these files and commiting them to a separate branch.

With the advent of configuration files in mBed, is there any way to set these defines at the mbed_app.json level, or the library configuration? How does one go about finding what configuration settings are available at a library level?

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Hi Rupert,

Mbed configuration files are explained here:

If you check mbed-os\features\filesystem\littlefs you will find an example mbed_lib.json file there. You could create your own like that in the mbed-os\features\filesystem\fat to handle your own definitions. Another example of styling is shown here - where macros are simply defined in succession in a more compact format: mbed-os\targets\TARGET_NORDIC\TARGET_NRF5x\TARGET_SDK_14_2\TARGET_SOFTDEVICE_S140_FULL.


Ralph, Team Mbed