2 years ago.

Mbed OS - based LoRaWAN stack errors

I exported the Basic OTAA example for xDOT into Keil and got some errors during compilation:

1) mbed-os/features/nanostack/sal-stack-nanostack/source/nsconfig.h(48): error: #5: cannot open source input file "configs/nanostack_full.cfg": No such file or directory

Does exist some compiling - ready example?

Thanks, Alex

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2 years ago.

Hello Alex,

Are you referring to this program?


Were you using the offline or online compiler? I was able to export the program using the mbed CLI offline compiler and successfully build it in Keil. Could you try and see if that works for you? If you have any more questions, let us know!

-Karen, team Mbed

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Hello Karen, Right, I'm using this project. It looks like something wrong was with exporting project. When I copied the folder mbed-os/features/nanostack/sal-stack-nanostack/source/configs from ARM OS into my project, it is OK now. After downloading firmware into the xDOT module, I am trying to connect it to the Laird gateway. After joining the network, module starts sending data from sensor. after some time I got:mbed assertation failed: status == LORAWAN_STATUS_OK, file: mbed-os/features/lorawan/lorastack/mac/LoRaMac.cpp, line 951 Did anyone reported this problem? Thanks, Alex

posted by Alex Strelbytskyy 10 Jul 2018