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Problem using rtos example template

I have been trying to build the Nucleo_rtos_basic template with a target of the NUCLEO_F401RE and get a linker error for duplicate code for user_perthread_libspace. The error message is:

Error: Symbol user_perthread_libspace multiply defined (by /build/mbed-os/rtos/TARGET_CORTEX/rtx5/RTX/Source/rtx_lib.NUCLEO_F401RE.o and /build/mbed-os/rtos/TARGET_CORTEX/mbed_boot.NUCLEO_F401RE.o).

How do I resolve this? Thanks for your help.

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Hello Bob,

There is a github issue that has been raised:


It seems like Jerome has a found a solution that may work for you (seems to be a missing -D_RTE_ macro). If you are using the online compiler:

Under the Compile button, navigate to Compile Macros and add _RTE_ in the text box. Then try recompiling.

I was able to successfully compile the program through these steps. Hope this helps!

-Karen, team Mbed

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