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Error: #error directive: "CMSIS Target not recognised" in "extras/mbed/cmsis.h", Line: 16, Col: 3


I am quite new to this forum - I bought a Blue Pill based board...which seems to be emualting the Nucleo FB103RB board.

I saw the midiusb example in this forums cookbook - USBMIDI - Hello World and did compile it.

This code seems to be quite old - if updating the mbed class...a lot of errors shows up. If going back to an older version...most errors disapper.

However one error still remains - which makes it impossible to generate a execution bin file:

Error: #error directive: "CMSIS Target not recognised" in "extras/mbed/cmsis.h", Line: 16, Col: 3

The recommendation is in case to update everything...however this does not work at all and the error still remains...

Any great ideas are welcome.. I can't imagine that the USBMIDI support does not work any more for MBED Code......(or Is it this Nucleo board which is old...)

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Hello Anders,

The code you are trying to compile seems to be outdated. The latest version would be:


However, I believe that code only works for the LPC1768, LPC11U24, FRDM-KL25Z. For the Nucleo-F103RB, I would recommend looking at this library:


Hope this helps!

-Karen, team Mbed

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Sorry for a late reply - but You are right. Using the right library actually made the gode to complete without any errors.

I have now implemented the code on my blue pill board and it seems like it is executing on the platform. I have problems to get the internal USB port on the board to communicate....but I am guessing I need to connect a external USB connection to make it to fly.

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posted by Anders Grönlund 07 Aug 2018