2 years, 11 months ago.

DHT22 or HTU21D not working with board having nRF51822

Hi all,

I've got a Nordic nRF51-DK development board...I can compile and run a simple program in order to get Temperature either by using DHT22 or HTU21D (via I2C). No problem at all. Temperature read are OK

But as soon as I program an external nRF51822 board (I change my platform in mBed compiler from Nordic nRF51-DK to Nordic nRF51822) using the debug output of the nRF51-DK then everything is messed up....The program is uploaded correctly but temperature read are strange...

I don't understand what's wrong....the same program works great on nRF51-DK but not on external board with nRF51822. The only difference is that nRF51-DK use a nRF51422 and my custom board a nRF51822... To be more precise on that problem, I tried a lot of programs (one that use BLE API, one that make leds blinks, etc, etc)...some programs are working great on both platform (nRF51-DK and nRF51822 board)...

Maybe a communication problem on digital pin? but why????

Any ideas?

Thank you Fred

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