12 months ago.

SX1276 driver for 6LoWPAN

Hi guys!!

I make IoT device using FRDM-K64F and SX1276MB1LAS(LoRa module). But, there are no proper driver for SX1276.

Is there any one who develop a LoRa driver for 6LowPAN? Or, if I develop LoRa driver for 6LowPAN myself, where should I start?

sincere, walter.

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1 Answer

12 months ago.

Hi Soo, The sx1276 is a lora radio not a 6lowpan radio. We do have a proper driver for it. It can be found here

Please checkout this example to see how to use Mbed OS LoRaWAN stack

A list of supported 6lowpan radios with their drivers can be found in

Hope this helps. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Thanks, Naveen Kaje, Team mbed

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