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Compiler output warning for SD card library

Hello - I'm relatively new to the LPC1768.

I imported into my online compiler the program from this page: https://os.mbed.com/users/d_worrall/code/Recorder/

The importing process reports an error with the FATFileSystem, which I can correct by updating to the latest library.

However, when compiling the program, I still get a warning message, as shown in the image below. How can I correct this please?



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3 years, 1 month ago.

This is inside a library you didn't write and your program successfully compiled, so for now I would ignore it. If the program doesn't work it might be something to revisit. If you are working on a production product you might want to clean this up but for prototyping I would guess your time is better spent elsewhere.

Accepted Answer

Thanks, Graham, I appreciate your reply. My program is working as expected so I guess that the warnings aren't critical or my program doesn't use the parts of the library where the problem occurs.

posted by D B 17 Jun 2018