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Error: Target "DISCO_L072CZ_LRWAN1" is not recognized ?


When I try to compile LoRaWAN-Demo-72 program, it shows error like this ( Target "DISCO_L072CZ_LRWAN1" is not recognized). Do anyone know how to clear this error ?

Thankyou in Advance.


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7 months, 1 week ago.

Hi Harish,

We think you will just need to update the Mbed library as this demo is now a bit old and probably predates the board you are trying to use. Just select "mbed" in the project tree, right-click and select "Update". We did this and then hit a linker issue for a multiply defined debug() function. We simply renamed the function in debug.h and it then built okay.

Please give this a try.

-Ralph, Team Mbed

Hi Ralph Fulchiero,

Thanks for your reply. I tried this but now I got the error as "Error: Function "debug" has already been defined in "radio/SX1272Lib/debug/debug.h", Line: 33, Col: 21". If I do the same following procedures what you said for other programs, I get some different errors. Could you say how to overcome this ?


posted by Harish Kumar Bringi Ramakannu 13 Jun 2018

You might have missed part of the first response. We mentioned there will be a linker conflict with a debug() function from the SX1272 library. We simply renamed the prototype for that function in debug.h to radio_debug() to remove the conflict.

posted by Ralph Fulchiero 13 Jun 2018

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