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Nothing happens runnign blinky

Hi all, I'm new to embedded design - but hopefully not a complete novice.

I tried to follow the steps for blinky but nothing happens when I copy the .bin file to the root directory of the drive that shows up when I plugin my board.

Windows 10 (Enterprise) - Device Manager tells me that I have an MBED microcontroller USB device Drive shows up as NODE_F411RE I'm using the ST32 Nucleo F411RE

Blinky compiles fine and i'm sure I targeted the correct chip - (as instructed I double clicked the MBED.HTM on the drive).

Is the copying of the .bin file the 'flashing' operation? What might I be missing?

When I use IAR workbench I have no problems, it connects to the board and steps through the code fine.



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1 year, 10 months ago.

Hello Sean,

Yes, flashing the board is just copying the .bin file into on to the flash memory. However, after you done flashing/copying, you need to press the reset button to restart the board and to run the code.

Thank you, Peter, Mbed Team

This isn't the problem - i have reset, and unplugged the usb - even - nothing happens. Could it be a driver problem?

posted by Sean Smith 09 Jun 2018

Hi Sean, Can you show us your Mbed online compiler screenshot and your NODE_F411RE drive folder?

Thank you, Peter, Mbed Team

posted by Peter Nguyen 11 Jun 2018