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Difficulty uploading firmware to Hexiwear

Ultimate goal: Be able to upload firmware to Hexiwear via Hexiwear Docking Station

The current state of the hardware/software:

Method 1. If you plug the hexiwear into the dock, then turn on the dock and plug it in with the MK64 switches on, then a drive appears on the computer called "MAINTENANCE"

Method 2. Assuming everything is plugged in as described above, if you turn off the dock, flip the MK64 switches off, turn on the dock, then flip the MK64 switches on, then a drive appears on the computer called "DAPLINK"

We found this website: We followed it's instructions under "Troubleshooting" by downloading a software called "mikroProg Suite For Arm" If we go to options and set interface>hardware to "NXP", we get the message "You did not connect your debugger. Please check your connection" If we try Method 1 and then press "Detect MCU", we get the error message "Error detecting MCU!" If we try Method 2 and then press "Detect MCU", we DON'T get an error message, but text at the top of mikroProg read "No device" in a green font.

(To be clear, we never press the MK64 RESET button at any point)

UPDATE: We showed the board to someone far more experienced with hexwear, and he noticed that the hexwear was heating up a lot more than it should be. He said he suspects there's a short circuit somewhere

posted by Alexander Lamson 06 Jun 2018
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I haven't used mikroProg suite. If you're having trouble using their program or loading their images, you should contact Mikro.

If you already see DAPLINK, you can simply drag-n-drop your hexiwear firmware to the drive. You shouldn't need to update anything. You can find DAPLink instructions here:

Thanks, Lin

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