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How can i exit bootloader?

Hello guys. I opened up a fresh AT&T IoT Starter Kit that I've been assigned to test for a software camp this summer, but I'm having issues.

The kit came with a FRDM-K64F board and a Cellular data model that allows you to connect a sim card to send data or SMS to any smartphone.

Here's what I've experienced:

First I plugged in the board to the computer, and the device connected just fine. A demo code was running on the board, where the integrated led was constantly changing between red, green and blue. A folder popped open with a html file that links you to this website.

Here's where the problem starts. I noticed the board has a reset button right next to the OpenSDA port. The second I pressed the button the simulation stopped working and the file closed. I decided to reconnect the device to the computer, but this time the simulation is no longer starting up and the board opens up as bootloader with an html file called bootload that leads no where. It's my first time working with a bored that's not an Arduino UNO, so I'm not exactly aware of what just happened. Can someone help me out? Did I just reset the entire bored software or is this some kind of glitch? Maybe both?

My computer is running on a Windows 10 X64 OS If you need extra information let me know.

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The normal behaviour of the board should be to just restart the demo version which is running on the board when pressing the reset button. So your behaviour might be some king of bug. Furthermore when connecting the board to your pc it should always be recognized as mbed device with the html link site and some other links and so on. Therefore i think your problem might be with the mbed DAPlink (your debugger on the mbed board). You can try to update/flash it.

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