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Wich is the plan to new peripherals ? Wich wil be ?

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It depends a bit on what kind of workshops I'm giving the rest of the year. Probably some greenhouse monitoring and some digital sensors (such as PIR sensor or button). If you have a certain peripheral that'd you like to see you can open up a bug report against the mbed-simulator repository and I'll look into it.

well, today i use tinkercad in the classroom! Maybe you should think to put some wifi 802.11b or ethenet connection to IOT and some GROVE sensors... i see that TINKERCAD does not have i2c devices. Mbed simulator should have one! :)

posted by Miguel Wisintainer 28 May 2018

Note that network connections are already simulated. Ethernet and WiFi chips in Mbed OS implement the NetworkInterface API, which the simulator supports too. So you can write networked code there and then run it on any board without changing any code :-)

posted by Jan Jongboom 04 Jun 2018