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cortex M0 for edge devices

Hi All,

I have been using K64F,LPC1768 and KL25Z from last 4 years. Using these controllers I have done various industrial projects.

Recently I was trying to develop the edge device. This edge device will receive analog data process it and send it to gateway using cc1101 RF module.

I implemented solution using K64F but this is not cost efficient plus K64F eats a lot of battery. MSP430G2553 is the most appropriate controller for these kind of devices, however it is giving me some challenges.

is it any microcontroller i can use which will be similar to msp430g2553 in cost,size and power efficiency? My ideal solution would be get a launchpad which supports mbed platform, insert cortex micro controller into launchpad, program it using mbed and upload the cpp file. Please provide some assistance.

Thanks in advance,

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