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Help with accelerometer

Hello everyone,

I'm new to the mbed systems and I need help writing a code for my freedom board to make the accelerometer provide digital input to the pins in order to control a DC motor with a H bridge. For example, I have found a code on the forums where the LED turns green when you move the board on the x-axis, red when the board is moved on the y-axis, and blue when the board is moved on the z-axis. I need help trying to get it to the pins instead of the LED so when I tilt it to the x-axis the motor moves clockwise by having a low and high input to the H Bridge. When tilting it to the y-axis, I would like it to have a high and low input or a counterclockwise motion.

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Hi Antonios,

You should be able to accomplish this by using DigitalOut. You will just have to create a couple of DigitalOut objects with the correct PinNames or PinNumbers.