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Setting baud rate to 600


I'm trying to set the baud rate to 600 on a Nucleo F070RB board to communicate with the CS5490 chip. (https://www.cirrus.com/products/cs5490/)

I've only managed to go down to 732 baud rate. Anything below, it seems that the clock divider is not capable to produce (I think it overflows).

So, the question is, how can I achieve a 600 baud rate on this board?


found the answer here: https://community.st.com/thread/29924

TLDR; need to explicitly select the HSI clock, and set the APBxCLKDivider to RCC_HCLK_DIV2, or RCC_HCLK_DIV4

posted by Domantas Cibas 24 Apr 2018

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The problem looks similar to what was discussed for the F401. Check here and modify the clocksource.