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How to use the BLE api with the SPBTLE-RF module using Platformio+mbed?

Hi there,

I am new here, and I need some guidance. I have a SPBTLE-RF module (just the module and not the full shield ), which I have mapped its pins to various pins on the stm32-l476rg board. I imported the BLE_HearRate_IDB0XA1 example into the compiler, and updated the corresponding pins inside the "x_nucleo_idb0xa1_targets.h" file, and compiled. The resulting binary worked great, I was able to see the service broadcasted on a bt scanner.

Now I would like to continue to develop my project using PlatformIO with mbed on an external IDE (VSCode in this case). I tried to recreate the same code (main.cpp) from the BLE_HearRate example, but couldn't figure out where to define my custom pin-mappings for the SPBTLE-RF module. Compiling the code seems OK but system halted with "Please provide an implementation for mbed BLE" error.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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