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Does the USBDEVICE.lib work on the NUCLEO-L476RG?

Does anyone know whether USBDEVICE.lib (*1) work on the NUCLEO-L476RG?

I imported "Nucleo_usbmouse" from NUCLEO-L476RG site (*2) for the first step. However, compilation failed and 30 error messages were output. (I confirmed that this program works on NUCLEO-F411RE)

If anyone knows the solution, could you tell me?

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posted by Choloe Anne 15 Nov 2019

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I have been using that particular USB library for a while on a Disco L476 target with USBSerial class and it has worked (except for some issue with USB3 ports). Reasonable guess the mouse might also work. Can't speak to what the wizard is actually setting up for you. You could try just creating a fresh project and importing that library rather than going through the setup wizard.

However you bring the files in, be sure to Delete any files you don't need. There is source code in there for multiple targets.

Note that library ST was maintaining, the last compatible mbed-os version listed is 5.4.2 I think. So you might try reverting your mbed os version.

Yesterday I used the USBSerial class on the same disco L476 board in the online compiler using the USBDEVICE folder found under latest mbed features/unsupported folder. It worked fine.


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