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Does the F303K8 support mbed i2c?

I've attempted setting up the Nucleo-F303k8 as an i2c master and when performing a write I do not see anything on the logic analyzer. I've also setup both PB_7 and PB_6 as Digital Outs and toggled them successfully so I do not believe it is a hardware issue.

Does the F303k8 support mbed i2c?

-Sample Code-

  1. include "mbed.h"

I2C i2c0(I2C_SDA, I2C_SCL);

int main(){

char data[1]; data[0] = 0x55; while(1){ i2c0.write(0x55, data, 1); }


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Affordable and flexible platform to ease prototyping using a STM32F303K8T6 microcontroller.

It looks like this device does not support the i2c.write(int data) method. i2c.write(int address, const char *data, int length); works.

posted by Ryan Shumate 17 Apr 2018

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I dont have the F303 available for testing, but do you have pull-up resistors (eg 4k7) installed on the I2C pins?

I'd forgotten to put pull-up resistors on the i2c lines, but even with those installed I'm seeing the same issue.

Looking under targets.json of mbed it does not specify I2C under device_has_add, but the device does support I2C.

"NUCLEO_F303K8": { "inherits": ["FAMILY_STM32"], "supported_form_factors": ["ARDUINO"], "core": "Cortex-M4F", "extra_labels_add": ["STM32F3", "STM32F303x8", "STM32F303K8"], "config": { "clock_source": { "help": "Mask value : USE_PLL_HSE_EXTC | USE_PLL_HSE_XTAL (need HW patch) | USE_PLL_HSI", "value": "USE_PLL_HSI", "macro_name": "CLOCK_SOURCE" } }, "overrides": {"lse_available": 0}, "detect_code": ["0775"], "default_lib": "small", "device_has_add": ["ANALOGOUT", "CAN", "LOWPOWERTIMER", "SERIAL_FC"], "release_versions": ["2"], "device_name": "STM32F303K8" },

posted by Ryan Shumate 30 Mar 2018