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Exporting and debugging mbed1768 with Keil MDK-ARM uVision5

I am having some problems when exporting a simple "blinky" project to Keil MDK uVision5 (v5.24) for offline compiling and debugging. I am using the old "classic" mbed compiler environment with original mbed lpc1768 and wondered whether this exports in the correct project format because I am having several problems. I had problems downloading compiled code to mbed, but I found forum article on converting the .axf to .bin and copying this to mbed's flash drive using a batch file. I have updated the mbed firmware to the latest version and managed to get Keil's debugger to recognise the CMSIS-DAP interface, so I now have some control over the mbed. But when I make code changes in the uVision compiler, it compiles without error, but the debugger doesn't reflect the changes in code. I can single step using the the debugger and I see assembler statements execute, but there is no correspondence between assembler and C- source code. Am I expecting too much: Is it possible to compile and do source-level debugging with the mbed 1768 CMSIS-DAP in Keil? If so could anyone please advise on Keil project set-up for this.

I tried a STM32 Nucleo-401 and managed to successfully export a project. With ST-Link v2 debugger, I got single-step debugging with mixed assembler and C. However, there was a mysterious 16 second delay before the code started to execute. It is acting as if some extra start-up code had been inserted before reaching main.

I wondered whether offline export had been deprecated under the old classic mbed compiler and whether I need to move with the times and look at the newer CLI-type development environment for offline compilation and debugging.

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