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Mine has a TouchGFX demo app, on the shipped board? any news on the eta on this lib. Would love to check it out soonish!


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The out-of-the-box demo application flashed on all display modules before they are shipped. Display Module, LPC4088DM

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Hi Jason,

The Embedded Artists LPC4088 Display Module board will be supported in the upcoming TouchGFX release, which is scheduled for release next week. You can sign up for the TouchGFX newsletter to receive news about the release (http://touchgfx.com/?section=newsletter) or just read more about the TouchGFX product at touchgfx.com. You can also start playing around with the TouchGFX windows simulator already today by requesting the evaluation version at http://touchgfx.com/product-details/evaluation/.

/Jesper Hedegaard, Product Manager - TouchGFX

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