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How can someone in Australia order one?

Uk site of farnell.com does not ship overseas. Australia site of farnell does not list this.

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I faced the same issue a few weeks ago ...

This kit is made up of 2 parts - the FRDM-K64F mbed board and the "mbed Application Shield" which is an arduino form-factor shield with a variety of components.

The FRDM-K64F is available locally in Australia from element14 (Farnell) for next day delivery. See http://au.element14.com/freescale-semiconductor/frdm-k64f/dev-board-mk64fn1m0vll12-ethernet/dp/2406741.

The "mbed Application Shield" in this kit doesn't seem to be available anywhere (inside or outside Australia) - all the suppliers mentioned on the mbed site have no stock. If you check stock in the Farnell UK store for the IoT kit that includes the shield there is no stock either so it would seem that this shield is unavailable at this time. One of the suppliers (Switch Science) mentions on their web site that there is some issue with this shield which has resulted in a stop ship which may explain why it is currently not available.

With some work you should be able to modify the example code to work with an alternative arduino form-factor shield of your own choosing.

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Many thanks for the helpful tips, will get the board first look at options for the shield.

posted by A C 08 May 2015