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* What are the main differences between mbed os and any other os like(Freertos,openrtos)?

Hi all I am new to mbed os as we were previously working with freertos but we need to migrate to mbed os all because of IOT based low cost application market.How should we approach ?and what should be the key concepts to concentrate?

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Hi there,

This article should help give you an idea of the differences between other RTOS's and Mbed OS: https://blog.mbed.com/post/making-iot-simple-secure-and-scalable-with-mbed-os

Here are a few more points to note about Mbed OS:

  • Offers true end-to-end security
  • Offers the most complete multi-protocol connectivity support
  • Has open collaboration across an ecosystem with over 300,000 developers

Let me know if you have any questions!

- Jenny, team Mbed

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For me the big feature of mbed is the Middleware. Does the ecosystem offer sd card drivers, usb drivers, pwm drivers, serial drivers, I2C, spi, eeprom, etc, etc. Having all of these available allows you to do more in less time. I have not used FreeRtos much, but I think it supports fewer features and what it does have seems to be spread between different projects. The selection of mbed devboards is key too and combined with the online compiler, gets you up and running with almost no effort. And unlike Arduino, mbed is suited for production.