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Code not working

I am using STM32 Nucleo F767ZI development board. I have been developing the embedded code for a big project. The final code which I made is not executing by the controller. Not even blinking a led when given at the start of the code. There seems no issue with the code. As the code is made from smaller codes which I had tested already. All of them worked fine. If I try to run all those smaller codes they run fine but not the final code. What could be the issue? due to copyright I cannot mention the code here

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3 years, 8 months ago.

Without code it's hard to give any meaningful help.

It could be a configuration issue, the same pin being used for two different functions. Either piece of code would then work fine on it's own but they wouldn't work together.

Or you could simply be running out of memory.

If you are using threads then all sorts of nasty things could be happening but in that situation the main code should last long enough to turn on an LED before crashing. Unless it runs out of memory.

The libraries try to output an error message for some problems on the usb uart. If you reset the system is there any output at 9600 baud?

No, there is no output at 9600 baud. I am using a lot of threads in the code. What about that?

posted by Rishabh Gupta 22 Mar 2018

As soon as you have multiple threads running there are all sorts of possibilities for things to go wrong. Without the code it's impossible to say where the issue is.

posted by Andy A 22 Mar 2018