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Can't get "mbed test" to run on Nucle-L476rg - sync failed


I'd like to setup a simple test, but my board does not seem to respond to the sync with mbedgt over the serial port.

Here's what I did: mbed new test_project cd test_projet mbed new library my_lib mkdir -p my_lib/TESTS/TestGroup1/TestCase1 add a test in my_lib/TESTS/TestGroup1/TestCase1/main.cpp copy paste test example from https://os.mbed.com/docs/v5.7/tools/testing-applications.html

mbed test -m NUCLEO_L476RG -t GCC_ARM compile mbed test -m NUCLEO_L476RG -t GCC_ARM run -n my_lib-tests-testgroup1-testcase1 -v

It seems the device does not respond to the sync messages from mbedht? How to solve this?

Output (relevant snippet):

mbedgt: mbed-host-test-runner: started [1521458165.38][HTST][INF] host test executor ver. 1.3.1 [1521458165.38][HTST][INF] copy image onto target... [1521458165.38][COPY][INF] Waiting up to 60 sec for '07650221623165685D75F330' mount point (current is '/Volumes/NODE_L476RG')... cp: /Volumes/NODE_L476RG/TestCase1.bin: Is a directory [1521458165.92][COPY][ERR] [ret=1] Command: ['cp', 'BUILD/tests/NUCLEO_L476RG/GCC_ARM/my_lib/TESTS/TestGroup1/TestCase1/TestCase1.bin', '/Volumes/NODE_L476RG/TestCase1.bin'] [1521458169.92][COPY][INF] Waiting up to 60 sec for '07650221623165685D75F330' mount point (current is '/Volumes/NODE_L476RG')... [1521458182.90][HTST][INF] starting host test process... [1521458182.90][CONN][INF] starting connection process... [1521458182.90][CONN][INF] notify event queue about extra 60 sec timeout for serial port pooling [1521458182.90][CONN][INF] initializing serial port listener... [1521458182.90][PLGN][INF] Waiting up to 60 sec for '07650221623165685D75F330' serial port (current is '/dev/tty.usbmodem143233')... [1521458182.90][HTST][INF] setting timeout to: 60 sec [1521458183.53][SERI][INF] serial(port=/dev/tty.usbmodem143233, baudrate=9600, read_timeout=0.01, write_timeout=5) [1521458183.53][SERI][INF] reset device using 'default' plugin... [1521458183.93][SERI][INF] waiting 1.00 sec after reset [1521458184.93][SERI][INF] wait for it... [1521458184.93][SERI][TXD] mbedmbedmbedmbedmbedmbedmbedmbedmbedmbed [1521458184.93][CONN][INF] sending up to 5 sync packets (specified with sync=5) [1521458184.93][CONN][INF] sending preamble '8346530a-5034-4032-8d3f-ab4ac149fffe' [1521458184.93][SERI][TXD] __sync;8346530a-5034-4032-8d3f-ab4ac149fffe [1521458189.94][CONN][INF] resending new preamble 'aedd0c4f-f4df-4707-bab6-7192dd3c1fd2' after 5.00 sec [1521458189.94][SERI][TXD] __sync;aedd0c4f-f4df-4707-bab6-7192dd3c1fd2 [1521458194.94][CONN][INF] resending new preamble '91c19156-0656-4047-ac89-7c82e6afc109' after 5.01 sec [1521458194.94][SERI][TXD] __sync;91c19156-0656-4047-ac89-7c82e6afc109 [1521458199.95][CONN][INF] resending new preamble 'c79ff6bc-7e33-478b-a22b-d31edd8aad7c' after 5.01 sec [1521458199.95][SERI][TXD] __sync;c79ff6bc-7e33-478b-a22b-d31edd8aad7c [1521458204.96][CONN][INF] resending new preamble 'b5ff5f6a-fb93-4a0c-a0da-ea3c91d0126c' after 5.00 sec [1521458204.96][SERI][TXD] __sync;b5ff5f6a-fb93-4a0c-a0da-ea3c91d0126c [1521458204.97][HTST][ERR] None [1521458204.97][HTST][WRN] stopped to consume events due to notify_sync_failed event [1521458204.97][HTST][INF] exit_event_queue received [1521458204.97][HTST][INF] test suite run finished after 22.07 sec... [1521458204.98][HTST][INF] CONN exited with code: 0 [1521458204.98][HTST][INF] No events in queue [1521458204.98][HTST][INF] host test result() call skipped, received: sync_failed [1521458204.98][HTST][WRN] missing exit event from DUT [1521458204.98][HTST][INF] calling blocking teardown() [1521458204.98][HTST][INF] teardown() finished [1521458204.98][HTST][INF] result;sync_failed

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