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Is there a way to remove a wiki page?


I've done some searching online and couldn't find an answer so I'm asking here.

I've made some Wiki pages on my code repository to guide users, but I accidentally created an extra page. It's just blank since it has no purpose, but it seems like I can't remove the link for it. I don't like how users will get to see a blanked out page on my code repository because it seems pretty unprofessional.

So as the title says, is there a way to remove a wiki page?

Thanks, Vincent

Hi Vincent, did you create the wiki page within a Team? (i.e. within a group with a URL starting with https://os.mbed.com/teams/ ... )

- Jenny, team Mbed

posted by Jenny Plunkett 22 Mar 2018

Yes I did. The team is "PixArt"

posted by Vincent Yeh 22 Mar 2018
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