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How to set spi slave to quad I/O

I have a hard time finding where to include "spis.h" header and set spi slave to required configuration. I can include "spim.h" and set spi master to quad IO but once I include "spis.h" my code can't compile.

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MAX32630 Rapid Development Platform
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9 months ago.

Hi Lee,

I will be good to see your code to see how you are trying to implement the calls to Maxim's libraries.

The other suggestions I have right now is to see if implementing this QuadSPI API would work for you. I have not used it with the MAX32630FTHR, it will be worth the test.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Felipe Neira.

Hi Lee,

Disregard the QuadSPI API link I sent. I checked the code and that will only work with the MAX32620 micro. Let me see your code to see what you are trying to achieve.


posted by Felipe Neira 12 Mar 2018 I exported mbed code to eclipse environment( from maxim toolchain) and add spis header to it. But now spis module function in weird behavior. First byte always wrong( 0x80 in single mode, zero in quad mode). Received byte order in quad mode is messed up.

posted by Lee Shen 13 Mar 2018

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