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USBSerial problems

on LPC1768 I'm playing with the USBSerial class.

Why does the below not work. When I send characters to the USBserial port from a terminal the first one gets printed out and then the MCU crashes?

Is it something obvious I am missing?


#include "mbed.h"
#include "USBSerial.h"
#include "SerialCMDParser.h"
DigitalOut myled(LED1);
USBSerial ser;
SerialCMDParser serCMDParser(ser);

int main() {
    while(1) {
        printf("testing usb serial\r\n");



#include "mbed.h"
#include "USBSerial.h"

class SerialCMDParser
    USBSerial &_ser;
     void _Read(void);

    SerialCMDParser(USBSerial &ser);



#include "mbed.h"
#include "SerialCMDParser.h"

SerialCMDParser::SerialCMDParser(USBSerial &ser)
    _ser.attach(this, &SerialCMDParser::_Read);

void SerialCMDParser::_Read(void){
       char c = _ser.getc();

Some ideas. First, don't use printf in ISR context. So comment out that line in _Read();


USB device can be kind of big make sure main stack is large enough. When mbed dies it usually prints out a message telling you why. I take it you are not seeing any messages on the terminal? You have to make sure the NDEBUG macro is not defined to see messages I think.

I've had issues if I hit the USB serial receive routine too fast. I would make sure you are not sending characters too fast and focus on getting in and getting out of the ISR. I think if you are inside the ISR and another char is received it can cause issues. I would avoid the call to _ser.puc(c) from inside ISR. Instead put characters into a shared volatile buffer and then read them out during normal program flow. There is a circular buffer class inside mbed that's pretty good for this as you can simply keep pushing chars into it.

volatile CircularBuffer<char, kBufferSize> usb_buffer;

Where are you getting this USBSerial class from? I don't think it is part of regular mbed-os. Is this under /features/unsupported? I wonder if "unsupported" is a hint...


posted by Graham S. 11 Mar 2018
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