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nRF51822 QFABC0.. programming problem.. flash is not erased.. how to reduce .hex size to 128k?..


I have problem with uploading code.. i have NRF51-DK + external board

I have 128k chip.. how can i change, that mbed will generate code for my smaller chip? now it is set to 256k (flash) (picture).. When i download the code i get .hex file 382KB big.. i need a file that is <= 128k??

My problem is, that i get a flash error when i upload program the chip.. I can see with nRFgo Studio, that the chip is connected "ok".. i can also successfully program the softdevice to the chip.. but when i upload some application i get an flash error..

I assume that the code size is to big..? but softdevice_130 has a size of 298KB and is programmed successfully..?? I always get the same error -> The flash is not erased.. but i erased it with Erase all..

Regards, Klemen

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