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VGA library for ST Nucleo boards

Microcontrollers are evolving very fast, blurring the line between embedded devices and microcomputers. I saw several cool projects adding basic VGA support to several ST devices (Artekit, Ivo van Poorten, Gert van der knokke or Brian Benchoff). The problem is that these libraries are very restricted in hardware support or compiler support.

I think that it would be very nice to have a standard VGA library for those ST Nucleo boards that are fast enough to support it. It does not matter if it is just for low resolution text mode in order to minimize memory footprint. The important thing is that such a library would allow other forms of interaction making them ideal for additional contexts, for instance schools or education.

Of course that it is easy to get information through UART or to connect the boards to small text LCDs or dot matrix displays. However an VGA library would allow to display more information at once using existing monitors. As an example it would be easier to create a standalone BASIC computer similar to the Maximite / Duinomite projects without the addition of expensive shields or controllers.

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