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STM32_DISCO-F746NG; Using SD card to create filesystem and have it available through USB to PC


I am trying to combine these two libraries



to enable the SD card filesystem and make it available through USB to PC.

Both of them compile just fine stand-alone but when put together the compile produces this error:

Error: Return type is not identical to nor covariant with return type "std::uint32_t" of overridden virtual function "FATFileSystem::disk_sectors" in "DISCO-F746NG_USB_Host/USBHost_DISCO-F746NG/USBHostMSD/USBHostMSD.h", Line: 65, Col: 23

I have tracked this down to differences with the FATFileSystem.h virtual definitions

In DISCO-F746NG_USB_Host the function is defined as

virtual uint64_t disk_sectors() = 0;

and in DISCO-F746NG_SDFileSystem

virtual uint32_t disk_sectors() = 0;

How should I re-concile between the libraries to make them co-exist? In my app, I would write to SD card using DISCO-F746NG_SDFileSystem and make the files available for reading through USB using DISCO-F746NG_USB_Host.

Is this possible to achieve?



If you patch the header files to both return uint64_t what happens? Or if the FATFileSystem library is loaded twice, remove one.

posted by Jan Jongboom 26 Feb 2018

Thanks Jan. I tried to separate the functions by writing disk_sectors32 & 64 but couldn't make it work. I will try your suggestions asap an report back.

posted by Tapio Valli 27 Feb 2018

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3 years, 1 month ago.

Have you succeeded in the meantime? I'm am very interested.

No, sorry no progress. I dropped this plan and moved to implement the file system on SDRAM. This works better for me.

However, I am not having much more luck there. I have also moved out of MBED (because lack of degrees of freedom) to STM32CubeMX.

posted by Tapio Valli 11 Mar 2018

Have a look at https://os.mbed.com/users/roykrikke/code/BD_SD_DISCO_F746NG maybe this will help with your project.

posted by Roy Krikke 24 Mar 2018