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K66F Blink Codes - ?

Hi there. I'm at the beginning stages of using the SD slot on the K66F and I'm getting a blink code that I didn't implement. Seems to be something at a lower level. Here's the code to initialize access to the FAT file system on the SD card:

SDBlockDevice sd( PTE3, PTE1, PTE2, PTE4 );
MBRBlockDevice part1( &sd, 2 );
FATFileSystem fs( "fs", &part1 );

Later, in main(), I call this:

int err = fs.mount( &sd );

Which doesn't work, but that's not the issue. When I get my program's error code and then hit the reset button without pulling out the chip and plugging it back in, the K66F gives me a blink code of 4 rapid reds, followed by 4 slow reds. I can make that go away by extracting / re-inserting the SD chip.

What is that 4 fast-4 slow blink code?


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The FRDM-K66F is a low cost development platform for Kinetis® K66, K65, and K26 MCUs.
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