1 year ago.

Wireless Connection to PC (Windows) of MAXREFDES100# HSP


I have designed our own prototype, starting from MAXREFDES100# HSP and we will get, soon, the prototype board (PCB), too.

The hardware modifications were: a) I kept only 3xSensors (Temperature-2xMAX30205; HR&Oxymeter-MAX30101 and Accelerometer-LIS2DH) from original platform, but I added circuitry for measuring of one DC voltage connected to a free analog input (AIN2) to get the skin conductance (GSR) b) I used for PMIC a different IC - MAX14690 (this has build-in battery charger) instead of MAX14720, c) I kept the prototype connection through USB-C to HDK and PC (this -instead of battery or for charging Li-Po battery) d) We want that prototype to communicate wireless with the PC (through Bluetooth), instead of USB cable as with original platform. My Question is: what problems will appears, in development of wireless communication?

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