2 years, 6 months ago.

NINA B112 - BLE Services not function without conection with windows


I do all my code on os.mbed.com and compile to .hex, I use two programs to burn the .hex on NINA B112, nRFgo Studio and Segger J-Flash lite, but after burn, I can't connect with the nRF connect (on Android), Like this steps:

1 Step: Nordic tutorials with Segger Embedded Studio for Arm - Works without problems. 2 Step: Mbed Tutorials with MBED OS - Just one work, to fix it, by chance, I open the S-Center and click to OPEN PORT (COM), the bluetooth comunication starts (LED DS1 ON) 3 Step:ue I do my own code with MBED OS - No bltooth comunication without COM PORT ON, if I remove the USB cable from computer, I can't comunicate with bluetooth.

Anyone can help me?

Thanks so much for support.

Best Regards


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