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How to select mbed OS in online IDE

I'm trying to compile a project using https://os.mbed.com/compiler/ - it was written for an older mbed version with deprecated methods - when I go to compile it looks like it's using mbed 5.7 - how can I select an older version of mbed through the ide such as 5.2, 3, or heaven forbid, 2?

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mbed2 is fine, if you don't need an RTOS and multiple threads then it gives you very similar features to the current version 5 but with a far lower overhead. Some boards only support mbed 2 due in part to memory or speed limitations, some newer boards only support mbed 5.

In the online compiler import the library mbed for mbed 2 or mbed-os for mbed 5.

Once the library is imported select it in the left hand tree and click on revision at the top of the window.

After a little bit of thinking you should get a list of all the revisions of the mbed library. To select an older version click on the version you want and click switch.

Accepted Answer

Oops... I guess I never used revision on the .bld file. Thanks for the tip. Now it would be nice for release # and mbed-os revision to be easily cross-referenced since the rev control uses comments that don't *seem* to include os version.

posted by Bill Bellis 01 Feb 2018

I got this far, but "after a little bit of thinking" I have a truncated list of revisions which cuts off before 5.11. Using github only allows you to add the main branch URL, and this history browser seems very limited. Any suggestions?

posted by Ben Ward 19 Nov 2019
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There's no way for the online compiler to change versions. You can go out to github and fork the version of interest and then import it into your project. This may not be the version you're interested in but you can thumb through github and the version you want from here. https://github.com/ARMmbed/mbed-os/releases?after=mbed-os-5.2.1

Yes there is. What would be the point of having a version control system if you couldn't go back? You can't easily switch between 2 and 5 but there are enough differences between them that you wouldn't normally want to but between different releases of 2 or different releases of 5 is easy.

posted by Andy A 01 Feb 2018