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Still get the problem , please help me


I have done as you said , updated DAPLINK and used fs_480_raw.hex file to the MBED drive and then drag-n-drop the demo itself. The BIOS is v0.5.0 (board type 5). The problem is not solved . How can I do......? Thank you for your reply .


Hello , I bought the LPC4088 DISPLAY MODULE - 4.3" CAPACITIVE TP. I downloaded the example lpc4088_displaymodule_shipped_demo , and run it. I had a problem , I found that there is double clicks appear , example , I clicked clock item ,then I used up or down to change Year or Month , when I touch it one time , it will run two times , if the year display 1900 now , I click up key one time , it will become 1902 , How can I solve it , please help me , thank you.

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I believe this is a timing issue. The virtual buttons get the same problem as physical buttons - they sometimes register twice (or more times). This can be avoiding by filtering out button clicks that happen in rapid succession. In the simplest form by adding a small delay (a few milliseconds) in the AppRTCSettings::modifyValue() function (if you want to fix the AppRTCSettings dialog).