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error and one wire-FRDM KL25Z

Hello I debuted with FRDM-KL25Z I want to understand the one wire bus I imported OndeWiretest but I have a message

"can not open source input file" cmsis.h ": No such file or directory" in file "mbed.bld / / PinNames.h", Line: 10, Col: 18 Who can tell me the reason it is there other examples for KL25Z thank you

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In your program in the compiler click on the mbed library, then at the right side you got an update button. Update the library and it probably will work.

The problem is that the example was made before the mbed library supported the KL25.

thank you for your answer, it solves the problem , however, other problems arise. Is there an example of one Wire that works for the KL25Z ?

posted by Jean Louis Gobaud 08 Apr 2013

The program compiles correctly by changing the reference to InputOutput thank you again

posted by Jean Louis Gobaud 08 Apr 2013