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Servo motor

Hi, I have recently purchased HS-785HB servo motor. When I am trying to control the motor it runs in only one direction. How can you control it in both the directions ? Can you please provide the code?

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As it states in description it`s not "rotation" servo:


The HS-785HB servo is unique due to its ability to rotate multiple turns while retaining positioning feedback. While most servos are limited to approximately 180 degrees absolute max, the HS-785HB can rotate just over 8 turns given the proper PWM signal range



Max PWM Signal Range (Standard) 600-2400μsec

Its position servo, so it will go to position set by PWM signal width and than stay in that position. Change PWM and it will rotate in different direction to selected (by pulse width) position.

Accepted Answer

Thanks for your answer. The servo is rotating in both the directions. But when I attach the rack and pinion load with it, it rotates only in one direction. What is the issue and how can I solve this? Also if there is any arduino code available can you please provide that?

posted by Rishabh Gupta 26 Jan 2018