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flashIAP Question!!

Hello :) Recently, I'm Happy to using MBED Compiler. Nowadays, I develop some program with Hexiwear (Core MCU : ARM CORTEX M4)

I'd like to save some init data in MK64 internal Flash Memory. So, I found FlashIAP that is save internal flash memory and used this API.

1. What is mean the Return value of get_sector_size() Method? Bit or Byte?

2. I was read 1 Sector Size Memory Value. Why the Value is not 0x00 or 0xff ? Is this value program code ?


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See the documentation, which apparently is still not properly formatted: https://docs.mbed.com/docs/mbed-os-api-reference/en/latest/APIs/storage/flashiap/

So the size is in bytes. And purely based on the values I guess you read the first page? The flash memory also contains your program code indeed, so if you erase that everything stops working ;). Easiest way is to use the last sector(s) for your storage needs. If your program uses close to all flash memory you still need to watch out though.

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Thank you :) Erik Olieman

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